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Simple Serial AVR Programmer

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This simple AVR Programmer able to transfer hex programs to most ATMEL AVR microcontrollers. It is more reliable than most other simple AVR programmers available out there and can be built in very short amount of time.
This Programmer support the AVR microcontroller ATmega103, ATmega161, ATmega163, ATmega 323, ATmega128, ATmega8, ATmega16, ATmega64, ATmega32, ATmega162, ATmega169, ATmega8515, ATmega8535,ATmega44, ATmega88, ATmega168, ATmega164, ATmega324, ATmega644, ATmega640, ATmega1280, ATmega1281, ATmega2560, ATmega2561, AT90can32, AT90can64, AT90can128, ATtiny12, ATtiny15, ATtiny26, ATtiny2313, ATtiny13, ATtiny25, ATtiny45, ATtiny85, ATtiny261, ATtiny461, and ATtiny861.

Simple Serial AVR Programmer Simple Serial AVR Programmer
This AVR programmer consists of a serial in-circuit programmer (dongle) and a small PCB with DIP sockets where you can fit your microcontroller.

you can also use it directly in the main circuit by adding a pin to plug this cable programmers, so you do not need to remove the chip while it is to program.
The PCB connector has been created to match the ATmega8 AVR microcontroller, 28-DIP, but you can build a PCB socket for each other AVR microcontroller out there. This AVR programmer software is compatible with popular PonyProg showing the status bar the progress of programming.

Simple Serial AVR Programmer1 Simple Serial AVR Programmer

This bellow the minimum system programming.

Simple Serial AVR Programmer3 Simple Serial AVR Programmer
This minimum system schematics using crystal 4 Mhz, you can use other crystal frequency depend on your fuse bit setting, please be careful when setting fuse bit and security lock. if you wrong .. you can’t recovery your chips and your chips will damage. expected, you have High voltage programmer.
this bellow Step by Step to program using Ponyprog
1. Download this software from this link and install.
2. open program and goto to Menu Setup >> Interface setup
pony prog interface setup Simple Serial AVR Programmer

3. Chose device like this picture
chose device Simple Serial AVR Programmer

4. Open Hex file , using button icon Open .
open hex file Simple Serial AVR Programmer

5. setting Security and configuration Bit , chose menu “Command >> Security and Bit Configuration”
setting like this sample .

  • 8MHz Crystal with slowly rising power:
    moz screenshot 8 Simple Serial AVR Programmer
  • 2MHz ceramic resonator fast raising power:
    moz screenshot 9 Simple Serial AVR Programmer
  • 32768kHz resonator stable frequency at startup:
    moz screenshot 10 Simple Serial AVR Programmer
  • External RC 4MHz oscillator with internal C enabled fast rising power:
    moz screenshot 11 Simple Serial AVR Programmer
  • If you want to drive maximum from your Atmega: then select 16MHz fast rising power:
    moz screenshot 12 Simple Serial AVR Programmer

6. Run flash program Icon Button or chose menu “Command>> Write ALL” or Ctrl W
7. Verify that is hex file flashing on your chip using Menu “Command>> Verify All” or “Command >> Verify Program (FLASH) “

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